Graphic Design in the Arctic: Featuring Thomassie Mangiok!

Some time ago, I decided to look up Inuit graphic design and came across work on the Pirnoma Technologies Inc  website. Pirnoma Technologies is an Inuit-run company that offers IT support, webdesign, and graphic design in Nunavik, a region in the northernmost reaches of Quebec, Canada. That’s right, it’s in the Arctic!  Nunavik means “great land” in Inuktitut, an Inuit language, and is mostly inhabited by Inuit people. If you’re not sure where Nunavik is here is a map (It’s way up there!):


(Map from

I was intrigued by the logos I encountered on the website and emailed Pirnoma Technologies for more information about the designs. The designer, Thomassie Mangiok, who is Inuit, graciously provided information on several of the designs, and even sent some additional work! What I really enjoy about Thomassie’s work is the simple elegance of the designs, as well as the distinct cultural and regional/environmental influences evident in the work. Awesomely, several of the logos incorporate a writing script for Inuit languages, as well as French. Anyhow, see for yourself! I’ve included his commentary on several of the designs as well. Enjoy!

Logo for Nunavik Parks
Logo for Nunavik Parks

Nunavik Parks

“Nunavik Parks logo was one of my earliest designs. It had to present the north. The animals and natural formations had to be equally presented, shapes and colors through the logo and text. The mountains, the moon, sea animals and birds are distinguishable in a very simple and effective image.”

I love it! Very bold. Thomassie also created some beautiful wall designs for Nunavik Parks. Check them out in the gallery below:


Uumajuit Warden

“The logo is meant to display the work domain of the client – the client is there to support the region and life in the location. The map was also included in respect to Kativik Regional Government’s logo (that I did not create, but it is involved). The animals visually fit around each other reflecting the circle of life.” (I really love the interconnecting of the animals and the color choice.)

Logo for Kangiqsujuaq Adventures

Aventures Kangiqsujuaq

“The image portrays with its bright colors and movement in an assembled fashion describing natural adventure through the client, anything is possible. The logo will stand out from a crowded environment.”

logo for Tamaani, Nunavik's Leading Internet Service Provider


Thomassie created this logo for Tamaani, Nunavik’s leading internet service provider.


Yoga courses in Nunavik

“A client requested to have text in Inuttitut to indicate their field of activity, Yoga classes in the north.” Check out how the yoga poses mirror the Inuttitut syllabics!


On the Right Path

Thomassie created the logo for On the Right Path, as well as the following poster which displays “youth, confidence and the north.”


Also, here are two digital posters, “created to show the possibility of an ongoing project, nipisi.”


Very cool, no? I hope you enjoyed this selection of work as much as I did! Thanks for sharing, Thomassie! I will be revisiting the Arctic in a future post, but first, I plan on going in the opposite direction and highlighting a few designers from the US Southwest next!

By Neebinnaukzhik

I am a Native (Chippewas of Rama First Nation) graphic designer and artist. I graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Fine Arts from Oregon State University in Applied Visual Arts (Graphic Design). I am passionate about the intersections among design and Native cultures from the Americas.

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