Links to outside articles/resources related to Native designers/design, etc:

Indian Country Today: Buy Native – A Campaign to Buy Native American Made Gifts This Holiday Season
Jeffrey Veregge Mixes Pop-Culture & Native American Design
Red Lake Artist Paints Mural for Suicide Prevention Campaign with Focus on Youth Bullying
 Native T-shirt company cracks the Walmart barrier
Art Threat culture + politics article: Sonny’s happy future requires you perk up your ears
Native(X) blog: Sam McCracken [Fort Peck Assiniboine/Sioux] Interview:N7 Creator and Team Lead
Beyond Buckskin Blog: Nike N7 & Bunky Echo-Hawk [Pawnee/Yakama]
N(X) Native American Heritage Month Interview Series: Victor Pascual
Q&A with Gregg Deal: Humor, irony and street-art/
Idle No More Art: Posters Promote A Revolution
Upcoming Native(X) Wearable Art Workshop
Native(X) Wearable Art Workshop
Design for the Dine’: An interview with Cal Nez (15 Bytes: Utah’s Art Magazine)
SLC Graphic Designer Promotes Native American Business Development
2005 article on Cal Nez
Lawrence Journal-World: American Indian artist preserves link to past [Ryan Red Corn]

Say Magazine
Seventh Native American Generation (SNAG Magazine)

Designer Resources
National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) Native Graphic Designers/Artists form for Request for Proposals Native American Artist Roster (Search Disciplines)

AIGA, the Professional Association for Design
Pertinent Links
How Does an Inclusive Profession Benefit Every Designer
Case Study: A Pine Ridge Story

Wikipedia & Wikimedia Resources

Links relating to non-Native designers/artists and Native people:
Native News Network: Save Pe’ Sla with Two Events in South Dakota [article shows posters by Shepard Fairey and National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey)

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