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My column “Exploring Native Graphic Design” in First American Art Magazine

The pilot issue of First American Art is out, available to read online for free! Check out my first column on Native design for the magazine on page 10. (You can also see me on the contributor bio pages!)

There’s an ad I made for the Native American Graphic Design Project in there as well, on page 72! I also served as one of the consultants for the pilot issue (I gave feedback on the layouts before it went to print, among other things) and lately I have been doing some assisting behind the scenes for the magazine. And of course, I am also in the process of getting the writing together for the next column (phew)! A few weeks ago we had a release party (pics on fb!) for the magazine, and there’s been a lot of positive feedback, so be sure to check it out!

Issue 0 overview on the First American Art website

exploring_native_desing_1 exploring_native_desing_2

Exploring Native Graphic Design
by Neebinnaukzhik Southall
As appears in First American Art Magazine



Seven Grandfather Teachings Poster by Ashley Fairbanks

Throughout my research, I’ve been coming across a lot of really cool design projects, and while I originally was striving to go in depth on every post, I think I need to change up my style and just share what I find as I find it! So here goes! While browsing tumblr, I came across this awesome poster highlighting the Seven Grandfather Teachings, designed by Ashley Fairbanks, an Anishinaabe from Minnesota. (yay peeps!)

Seven grandfather teachings poster by Ashley Fairbanks, Anishinaabe, Minnesota.
Seven grandfather teachings poster by Ashley Fairbanks, an Anishinaabe from Minnesota.

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